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About F.W. Clemens

Here at F.W. Clemens Company, we have professional employees who are not only knowledgeable, but helpful.  Our employees are trained and licensed to operate forklifts, loaders, and a variety of dump trucks.  We guarantee a safe and professional environment where you will always walk away with more knowledge.  If you have any questions about construction, masonry products, waterproofing, or about Clemens, contact us any time at 314-776-0195. 

Why Should I Buy From F.W. Clemens?

What is wrong with the big box store's materials and products?  The answer is "everything".  Our expertise and high quality products make us stand out over any competitor.


With our top of the line masonry tools and mortar, F.W. Clemens is a tuckpointers paradise.  We have a large variety of Sands, Cement, and Mortar Color...all at a better price and quality than our competitors.


With a large variety of Concrete, Cement and Sealer available, you will be able to tackle even the toughest Waterproofing job.  We also have Loose Rock and Sand available inexpensive and ready to deliver to you.


We supply Base Coat Plaster at an inexpensive price, and any other Sealer or Finish you need is also available.

Sewer Contractors

We guarantee the lowest prices on all Fitting, Clay and PVC.  We have Glue and Primer, and we always have a large inventory of Pile available - SCH 35 & 40.

Dental Laboratories

A large inventory of a variety of Dental Plasters gives you the freedom to order large or small quantities of plaster either for pickup or delivery on demand - at a great price.

Anyone Doing Construction

When buying from F.W. Clemens, you are supporting a locally-owned small business, and a majority of our products are American made.  With low prices and high quality products, F.W. Clemens is St. Louis's spot for construction materials.

F.W. Clemes Building Materials, since 1878
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