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F.W. Clemens himself
George Aff himself

As first Postmaster of the South St. Louis area, the area became known as Aff's Town, later shortened to Affton.

Established 1878

Frederick Wilhelm Clemens started a Feed Store on the corner of Cherokee Street and Gravois Avenue in 1878.  As a German-Born St. Louisan, Mr. Clemens lived in the South St. Louis area ever since he was 16.  Also, Vice President and Secretary of the F.W. Clemens Feed Store was Mr. George Aff, a very influential figure in the early building of St. Louis.

During the 1900's, F.W. Clemens continued to grow with the increase in demand and population in the surrounding area.  Over the past century, St. Louis has evolved into a large city, and F.W. Clemens has been a part of it since the beginning.  St. Louis is built by materials from F.W. Clemens.  Even through recessions, wars, and changes from the past century, F.W. Clemens has remained as South St. Louis' place for material. 

What Now?

Today, F.W. Clemens continues its legacy as a trustworthy supplier in the same location at Cherokee and Gravois, where it all began over 100 years ago.  Mike Mitra implemented his strong business and leadership skills into the business, and will forever be remembered through his hard work and dedication to his employees and customers alike. 

F.W. Clemens proudly boasts a well-trained crew of skilled craftsmen and consultants who take pride in supplying contractors and the public with a large variety of building materials products, including but not limited to masonry, plumbing/sewer, concrete and tuckpointing construction supplies.

Mike Mitra, Entrepreneur and Friend

Mike Mitra purchased F.W. Clemens Company from the Aff Family in 1983.  He has restructured the land, trained the employees, and sustained F.W. Clemens Company along its path of success.  F.W. Clemens Company continues to be family-owned and operated, carrying on Mike's extraordinary work ethic, drive and legacy.

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